We aim to develop (through high quality training and mentorship) the younger generations of African scientists, healthcare workers, laboratory personnel, clinical trialists, ethicists, and social scientists to take leadership of public health research. This training will cover many areas of research, such as diagnostic techniques, emergency response, financial management, bioinformatics, ethics and quality management.

Implementation of Novel Diagnostics for emerging infectious diseases

19th and 20th of May 2021 workshop


Research Ethics during Epidemics

2nd and 3rd of December 2020 workshop 


Research in Global Health Emergencies

24th of November 2020 workshop 


Infection Prevention and Control AMR

18th and 19th of November 2020 workshop


Laboratory quality control in low and middle income countries

21st and 22nd of October 2020 workshop


Grant Applications: Writing a Competitive Research Proposal

29th and 30th of October 2020 workshop


Diagnostics and the immunology of emerging & pathogenic diseases training

20 February to 07 March 2019 workshop


Republic of Congo study visit to UCL laboratories

June 2019 study trip 


TB molecular diagnostics

A week long workshop 

(KCMI, Tanzania)

Nanopore MinION sequencing

2 day workshop


COVID-19 preparedness for African countries

11-13th March 2020 workshop 


ONT sequencing for TB (RBK004)

August 2022 workshop 

(NIMR, Tanzania)

ONT sequencing for TB (RBK110.96)

February 2023 workshop 

(HerpeZ, Zambia)

(Left to right) Darrel Elion (FCRM, Republic of Congo), Julio Ortiz Canseco (UCL, UK) and Genevieve Andose (FCRM, Republic of Congo) in the UCL BSL3 laboratory. Group photo from the MinION workshop in September, 2019 at UCL, UK. Priya Solanki (UCL, UK) demonstrating MGIT innoculation in the KCRI, Tanzania BSL3 laboratory for the tuberculosis molecular diagnostics training workshop


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