This workshop, run mainly under the CANTAM network of excellence, but supported by PANDORA-ID-NET, EACCR2 and TESA brought scientists from all over Africa to the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI) in Tanzania. The workshop was coordinated by Dr Davis Kuchaka (KCRI, Tanzania) and Dr Linzy Elton (UCL, UK) with assistance from experts Dr Pacome Abdul (CERMEL, Gabon), Ms Priya Solanki (UCL, UK) and Dr Naadira Vanker (TASK, South Africa) leading theoretical and practical sessions on TB diagnosis methods including solid and liquid media culturing, use of the BD MGIT machine, drug sensitivity assays, GeneXpert and the HAIN assay.

The week long workshop focussed on a different assay each day and also incorporated discussion sessions and networking meals where the group, with varying experiences, had the chance to talk to each other and learn from the practices used across the continent.

Links to resources from the workshop, including presentations, protocols and an overview video of the week can be found here.            

The content of this page was developed by Dr Linzy Elton (UCL), Priya Solanki (UCL) and Dr Davis Kuchaka (KCRI)