As a collaboration with CANTAM and PANDORA-ID-NET, alongside the building of a BSL3 laboratory in the Republic of Congo, postdoctoral researchers Dr Liã Bárbara Arruda and Dr Linzy Elton travelled to Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon to visit the laboratories of Professor Joseph Kamgno (Centre de recherche sur les filarioses et autres maladies tropicales (CRFilMT)) and Professor Veronique Penlap Beng (Laboratory for Tuberculosis Research and Pharmacology (LTRP)) and assess how to increase their capacity.

Whilst the laboratories at CRFilMT were in the process of moving to brand new facilities and their TB laboratory would be built from scratch, the LTRP TB laboratory was already long established and the main decision was whether to refurbish the facilities they have or move to new laboratories.

The main action points coming from this laboratory development visit was the provision of documentation and quality control assistance, aiming to help the attain stars on the WHO’s SLIMTA pathway to accreditation.