This workshop was run in Lusaka, Zambia on 11-13th March 2020 by the African Union, Africa CDC, WHO, PANDORA-ID-NET and Public Health England. It covered clinical case management, screening at Points of Entry and the OneHealth approach. Videos of the presentations from the workshop can be found on our YouTube channel.

COVID-19 preparedness – Zambia

Live filming was recorded and can be found here:

Specific videos can be found below:



Clinical care and risk assessment of COVID-19 for African member states – Workshop overview




Presentation 1: Risk assessment of zoonotic/infectious disease events: concept of risk assessment




Presentation 2: Clinical management of ill travellers: Points of entry and at the hospital level




Presentation 3: Joint risk assessment (JRA): the human-animal-environment interface




Presentation 4: Africa CDC response activities for COVID-19




Presentation 5: Introduction to the International Health Regulations (IHR)




Dr Chiara Montaldo - Question and Answer session


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