Implementation of Novel Diagnostics for emerging infectious diseases

19th and 20th of May 2021

A series of infectious diseases show late and/or similar signs and symptoms and can only be diagnosed based on laboratory tests. In the context of outbreaks, reference laboratories should be prepared to design and validate new assays to detect emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. This workshop aims to provide concepts of verification, evaluation and validation strategies of novel laboratory diagnostics methods for rapid diagnosis and surveillance in new and ongoing outbreaks.

The workshop recording is separated on 2 videos for each day and within each video there are separated chapters for each session. 

Here you can find the full workshop programme.

DAY 1 - Full Screen

DAY 2 - Full Screen

Below you will find the material presented during the workshop

Day 1 Presentations (PDF download)

TALK 1 "Rapid development of reliable diagnostics for emerging infectious diseases"

  • Dr Marta Suárez and Dr Devy Emperador (FIND, Switzerland)
  • Dr Alice Versiani (FAMERP, Brazil)
  • Dr Palmer Netongo (ALERRT, Cameroon)
  • Dr Madison Stark (Co-Diagnostics Inc, USA)

TALK 2 "Setting up a mobile laboratory: advantages and challenges"

  • Jacqueline Agbukor (ISTH, Nigeria)

Day 2 Presentations (PDF download)

TALK 1 "Verification, validation, and evaluation of a novel diagnostic test"

  • Dr Jackie Duggan (PHE RIPL, UK)

TALK 2 "Quality assurance and quality control during emergency response"

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • A summarised portfolio of the available laboratory methods for infectious diseases
  • A better understanding of verification, evaluation and validation procedures
  • An overview of the necessary infrastructure, equipment, personnel and material to implement a diagnostics laboratory
  • Showcase of how to overcome the challenges in implementing diagnostics methods

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